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in the face of the Internet boom, in the face of the intersection of the winter and spring of the Internet, the guest family are you ready? Hard for several months to make the website, we feel well after the procedure can make money on the site, but… But no, but if not to promote this program will keep waiting for the death in the face of this method, all kinds of Internet, what is the most effective way? Before we can group message, but now group news will heavily blocked, easier said than done? Even if you release hard up, but before you run out of it was deleted forum moderators, really have difficulty finding good ah! People say I’m not in the forum to release information, then you go to other places to release QQ? You can send? Can you send how much? How many people are reading text cloth?.. .. From the beginning of this year a certain time, the release of advertising messages have been banned.

we are small adsense. No abundant funds can not be like those of large website investment hundreds of thousands of millions of advertising money, we don’t have much money, so do Taobao customers will not, if indeed!

is that why we don’t have the right way for our grassroots webmaster?. Here comes an exclusive secret!

is the first step of all network resources nets above and snares below

first to search engines such as Baidu Google, we all know, what is this? Don’t want everyone in that old methods on search engine, now the search engines are too smart, you don’t need to login, automatically find you. That is what I said? You go to search, search and you related industry forum website, industry website, industry information platform, anyway, related to your industry website, if your site is 72 lines, then you can separate the 72 industries. Compare your made clothing, clothing search forum, some of this forum forum now ah what are many, in order to save time to try to find some good points of the forum, Yi Jia Xiuzi clothing metaphor forum, in the clothing wholesale clothing shopping shopping, forum, forum has very good rankings.

followed by the world, live resources to use resources

find these sites, we should make good use of, the use of will will use, not a post your ad to one, that’s too obvious, will invite any evil Oh exaggerated! Is not by the administrator to kill, but you won’t get any results, because most of the in the face of people find things on the active promotion is not interested, that we are hard not believe no one, not that I can not, we must learn to 42 pounds.

what 42 pounds? If you are selling clothes, you can publish a clothing collocation ah like articles published on this at the end of the article that can go to the post purchase, clean general manager will not delete, but must be careful not to send.

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