Miracle to create thousands of P to promote the actual combat

an ordinary grassroots webmaster, an ordinary English website, but only in three months time will be an English website to do more than IP 1.6W, PV to achieve more than 13W.

day Alexa also quickly reached 9000. And these figures are how to achieve it, today I come to share with you some of the experience I do stand, in fact, also thank you for giving me advice.

is the beginning of the Spring Festival when the station wants to do, then apply for the blogspot on the Adsense, it seems that there is no audit on the adoption of the.

then after the Spring Festival has been ready to do the station, bought a myurl.com.cn, for $39, after a few days to 1 RMB / month… After buying a dozen of it, in fact, are not

have to do, impulse. But every night look at CSS, PHP, try to do a myurl link station. Also looked at some of the things SEO ~

I want to talk about the station is from this link to change the station, SEO optimization, initially in April 23 to change the good, home in April 25th, back in the beginning of the year began to add content to change the program.

I mainly talk about the process of writing this program to pay attention to the problem. At the time of writing, probably pay attention to the following issues: the relationship between
1 link />2, keywords Website Title
4, web page content shows the position of
6, "the size of the site, to ensure that each SEO optimization," from home, up to 3 times you can reach the final page of
7, "the size of the Google Webmaster sitemap
8 certification, submit, how to increase the per capita PV
9, Beijing Yong – URL keyword

Title: Publisher title by author – the name of the site in this format

has tried in the middle: Free eBook publishing house title by author – the name of the site in this format

this title can highlight the key word of the book itself, I in the name of the site as much as possible with download, free, ebook and so on the key words, the combination is now the title.

we can look at


too many keywords in the title, or the weight will be scattered, not highlight the name of the book, like the movie website is similar, as highlighted in the title in the name of the movie title, as short as possible, you can add some > and web content

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