Business rules we all know why startups fail

entrepreneurs summed up a lot of experience, we really understand it?

and Zhuo Yi Technology Yang tiger chat, talk about business company how to do, I say some entrepreneurs own sentiment, Yang Hu said that everyone knows, but will use some? Indeed, people understand, but you really will be on your own


look at a few business failure record reply post, excerpts are as follows:

loss of 5 million, only a few dry cargo


the man said what is truth, what are the poor say


are aware of the fact that in 500 when learning



everyone knows how to look entrepreneurial success, why there are 95% entrepreneurs fail (some VC said that because of the reason, the public business failure rate has far exceeded 99%), all understand the truth, why not miracles happen to them? We have heard a lot of big things, but may not know to hear how many times, such as "insist again" such as "hold the thigh", such as "hard" and so on, if we look at the successful people heard the law, did not have hundreds of thousands, but what we are really into the heart of the truth. I’m afraid we are left ear, right ear, over. I have read Sun Taoran’s "pioneering 36 regulations", "read the Bible" entrepreneurship, read a lot of books on business, but the business still failed three times.

these two months have been thinking about a problem, why I will fail, "wrote a serial entrepreneur who sold the house business, the lessons of 7" loss of 5 million won, he repeatedly thinking, what is the deeper reason, not to do their own thing, not for yourself the most the use of resources. So why not to do their own thing? On the one hand to feel intelligent confidential can develop up to hundreds of millions of market, two is you don’t want to do the same business and former company, feeling sorry for his boss.

business as much as possible in their own business to do, so can be used on their previous accumulation, if you are in an industry 5 years of hard work, you will become the elite of the industry, more than 8 years you will become an expert in the industry, and have a foundation of entrepreneurship. If you want to enter a strange business, it is necessary to cooperate with the professional talents of the industry. This will reduce your chances of failure.

anything unexpected miracle, it is no longer our discussion list, because the confidence they will become a unique, a miracle, are often the most trust to luck, was badly beaten, I like


why do we all know the truth of success, but we will still fail to carefully reflect on the discovery, the truth into the ear, but not into the heart, there is no true become our habits, not our instinct.

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