A brief talk on my difficult network history

      I was in 2001 that year to the third repetition network (repeat too much pressure, to find a place to vent about it), but from then on, until today, almost every day to get online every day turn around, always feel less what a woman friend asked me in my heart she ranked among the first few, I said second, then a slap hit my face, I haven’t been able to react to what is going on, the first, I said is the site…… My love for the Internet can be said to be better than all my loved ones, of course.

      remember the first time on the Internet is a night spent a total of 14 dollars, when we do not have the Internet cafes, the night market, huh, Internet cafes to make money! That night was a child (eight or nine years old) teach me how to play the Internet was the most popular game of "Red Alert" to play in the middle of the night he was playing let me see, I was stupid. After midnight to apply for the two QQ number, are relatively good number

      one lost, one sent. That night I learned, QQ chat, learn to use Email letter, in general there is a harvest. From that night, I had a special love for the internet. And germination of the idea of building their own homes on the internet. The next day a few times over the wall at night sleeping in the dorm (Internet home late).

      September 2002 I wish into a second-class undergraduate colleges in our province, our school students mostly from rural areas, access to the Internet is not much, what I say is true. Our dormitory has a brother, I became intimate (common love the Internet, come together is normal) today I do stand by our two most technology is hard to study out.

      a just entered university what all don’t understand, our school website has a "Student Forum" on the homepage "students are doing especially fine (later to be known as simple effects, then dishes, ha ha)," who is the pursuit of our people, small Adsense is our idol, I often go to see a piece of that room ", after the first, we used frontpage in the library are self-study books, students will not want to ask, there is no place to ask ah, difficult!


      remember at the time of the left half of the page inserted a form, why not insert the right side of it, stupid do not know that the page is nested with a table. At the beginning of the know what is HTML, not to mention ASP, PHP, also do not know how web page template, put a great effort to do a page, not even logo (don’t know there are things like logo



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