Baidu to do C2C missing 75% elements

      work stress "days, people, things, reason", as long as one of the 3 points can be met, to meet the 4 points will become, Baidu do C2C in the end can not succeed? Let’s briefly analyze:

      the so-called day, that is, the market demand, people, things and reason (talent, ability to do things and the rational way of doing things) are around the "day" this element of service. Do you want the C2C e-commerce market trading platform based on search engine, the answer is yes, as a famous editor to Zhijun said, the Internet search is a rope, a rope of e-commerce, it can be electronic commerce (C2C) several must to close together, the most important this is why the cooperation with Ma Yahoo China.

    under the catfish effect of Baidu, as long as women have children, there will be someone who needs C2C, the new market will continue to emerge.

      the so-called people, here refers to the kind of Baidu C2C e-commerce talents, Baidu can dig, but it takes time. Even if the people dug, but also the appropriate management, so that people do everything, so the current element of Baidu does not have.

      the so-called thing, Baidu can do C2C trading platform? C2C platform to complete the construction of what platform to help? A credit system, similar to Alipay, this is the most important point, Baidu is now no; two, for users to exchange the IM, Baidu is now no; three, for the C2C platform and other elements of the entrance increase bundled with Baidu search engine. Overall, Baidu in the matter of this element is not mature.

      the so-called reason, that is, for the operation of the C2C platform. Because Baidu is still digging a large area, so at this point, I personally think it is not mature, although Baidu itself has a good operating team, but do a new project or the need for a specific person.

      to sum up, Baidu do C2C trading platform, "people" is still insufficient, "things" is still insufficient, "reason" is not enough. It is only by "day". Of course, Baidu has "funds", "rope", but I want to remind Baidu, you have the money, others have, you have nothing to tie the rope and the desert is not formed, the accumulation of sand, but the precipitation of the sea. Of course, these conditions can be slowly to create, but it takes a long time to wait and see!

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