Classified information website momentum into the most promising type of site

latest classification of information industry report shows: the rapid development of classified information website, the data show that the average growth rate is much higher than the portal. China classified information network Shirupozhu, can become a portal to subvert the myth, we will wait and see.

China Classification Information Website latest statistics

just past 2009, is undoubtedly the rapid development of classified information website. Internet users on the classification of information from the site questioned, to accept the situation, after a series of evolution, as the portal, the news website after the second types of information sharing platform. According to the global well-known Internet monitoring and analysis firm comScore recently released data show that China classified information industry website much higher than the average growth rate of real estate industry and portal sites, are important indicators of advantage in the user average length of stay and other several evaluation of the value of the site was.

comScore Media Metrix according to the latest statistics, from January 2009 to November, Ganji users average length of stay (Avg Minutes/Visit) for (4.83 minutes), based on monthly data for 09 years in October as an example, ranking second and third sites in the month the average user retention time is only 2.14 minutes and 0.6 minutes at the same time, data for 3.78 minutes, the gap is very obvious.

industry veteran analysts pointed out that the user’s residence time in a web site is an important indicator of the value of the site users. Click on the quantity and the familiar respectively represent the difference of quality and quantity, click reaction is a site number of visitors may just stop, especially some websites with rogue plug-ins allow users to passive Click to enter the site, click on the quantity of the website has increased. Therefore, the click to a certain extent, reflecting the quality of the site is not very real. The difference is that the user for the length of time reflects the quality and level of user loyalty site (viscous) strength, and user stickiness and loyalty and classification of information website content and user experience is true and effective.

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on the page (Page Views, PV), in 1-11 for 09 years and second months of data be roughly the same monthly mean, are billions of dollars, and not with other classification information out of a large gap. But from October and November the new page views on the latest data, nearly 20% higher than second.

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classified information

classification information website, as its name implies, is a summary of information and the effective classification of the platform to provide information services for the public, to meet the needs of ordinary people’s daily life information. "Most people deal with every day and for having heard it many times, information, and can be described as trivial, but very useful, to the housing rental sales, small sewing needles, have seen the exchange of goods, there are also virtual information exchange.

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