The function of virtual host with your stupid fun E Era

is still the envy of others popular blog? Want to open a shop to do business? Want to build your own website? When the owners would like to open a forum? Do you still worry about where to start? Chinese E network ( technology will package a complicated operation, with excellent convenience for customers cleaning technology barriers for different user needs, Blog200 blog type virtual host, ShopEX super, super PowerEasy shop host host, PHPwind super forum host multiple functions such as virtual host were launched.

With the development of

virtual host business, customers have higher requirements for the convenience, controllability, security and stability of the products. In addition to the quality of service is excellent, the product price is high, the product has excellent convenience has become an important standard for customers to choose ISP companies.

for the word "fool", you may not be familiar, but whether the virtual host can also realize the fool operation that is really like a digital camera? For primary customers, whether can use the function of virtual host technology across the threshold? The answer is yes. In order to establish an independent forum for the customer, for example, currently the most widely used, but also the best PHP Community Forum (BBS) software is PHPwind forums. China E network and PHPwind combination, the launch of the PHPwind super forum host, using PHPwind as long as the user enters the host virtual host management to find the MYSQL column, adding one of their own MySQL database, with good domain name parsing has access, can be installed PHPwind page. Customers no longer need to find the right tools to build the forum and worry, to create their own super forum, in fact, so simple.

the virtual host operator has launched a number of functional virtual host, but on the whole, the product is more than fine, many products is simple to achieve local functions, and the lack of stability and ease of use. Although these products can also be based on the establishment of blog, website or forum, but the operation is complicated and not stable enough. China E mobile network adhere to the professional road, adhere to do deep do fine, to ensure that the launch of each product are to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent. Since the launch of the functional virtual host series, has been widely praised by customers.

E network adhere to the "customer first, service first, adhere to the professional road, to become the best quality service is our constant aim.

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