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  acquisition schematic

webmaster network March 9th news, Hunan daily newspaper group’s website, with voices online before the group under the traditional media Sanxiang purchase intention, and the integration of its resources to form a new media group.

It is reported that

, London’s currently only in Shanghai with a life service newspapers, and local network media within the system of acquisition of traditional urban daily is of great significance to.

Voices Online from domestic Internet budding era Huasheng forum, in recent years due to various complicated factors, a Beijing company operating Huasheng online collaboration with the Hunan daily newspaper group, the newspaper group capital integration voices online. It is understood that the investment of millions of Hunan daily newspaper group was called a part of real estate is offset by the office space etc.. In addition, Beijing is located in the commercial website banner network technology and architecture "was also to Voices Online support". In 2007, the Hunan daily newspaper group to adjust its network media strategy, headquartered in Beijing Huasheng online integration of Hunan online news site, at this point, "Hunan online" has become an independent voices online channel exists. From the Xinhua News Agency President Mao Zhao Voices Online said that the network technology strength has been relocated to the Hunan office.

Site positioning

Voices Online history there have been many significant changes from the original community forum later comprehensive news website, the main blog from elite to present "Chinese grassroots portal".

commentator Zhang Hu believes that the current online voices have come face to face with the confused period of capital. As the controlling side of the Hunan daily group, the acquisition of its traditional media network media behavior in a traditional media group has achieved a major change in the system. At the same time, under the background of "the newspaper winter theory" and the global financial crisis, with the emerging power of the Internet media to promote the recovery of traditional media, may be a significant new development path. Zhang Hu said, no matter in what way to Voices Online Sanxiang integration, which will be an important potential force, 2009 and Hunan Huasheng online online in the industry’s performance is very looking forward to another person.

Hunan city news website Xingchen online general manager Pan Xianhong "amazing" word to describe it in his blog, pan Xianhong said emerging media from economic status has become the mainstream media, this action is the symbolic significance can lead to the butterfly effect".

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