Web2.0 should not only be a technical term

Web 2 technology, including Mashup, Ajax, RSS, WiKi, Tag, and so on several of the most mentioned nouns. Despite its important role, but not a ready-made panacea panacea. The real success of Web 2 technology is to combine with the commercial value of the website.

to now, a lot of people do not understand what Web 2 is? Is a kind of new technology? Is a new application? These are not, because if only these words, Web 2 will go astray, to the extreme, and let more people do not understand it really can bring users. Value. It seems still didn’t understand there are 2 Web website practitioners and investors, why use so many new technologies, adding new applications so much, or is said to lack of business model? The answer at the start of 2007 emerged, but more answers will be announced in the future slowly.

Web 2 main technology

in the current Web 2 is mainly related to the technical terms, Mashup, Ajax, RSS, WiKi, Tag is the largest number of nouns mentioned. Although mature in the Web 2 era, but they can not be regarded as the latest computer technology or web design technology.

Direct translation of

Mashup is a network application that integrates one or more information sources into a network application. Mashup is most common in the application of online maps, such as a API on the basis of the Google provided by the extension of new services Maps. For application developers, the biggest advantage of Mashup is simple, fast.

Ajax is the "asynchronous JavaScript and XML" for short, through this technology, the realization of the need to refresh the entire page, but only a part of the data update function. For users, the use of Ajax pages than the previous static pages have more aesthetic and interactive. In addition, due to the partial update, the data exchanged between the server and the browser is greatly reduced, making the interaction more rapid.

RSS is the abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication, is a kind of format used to describe and synchronize the content of the web site, commonly used in the aggregation of information resources, sharing, push, subscribe or publish. Because a RSS file is a standard XML data file, RSS is actually a platform to make the information spread rapidly, so that everyone becomes an information provider. RSS XML with standard Feed features can be called by other terminals.

WiKi is a new kind of web design concept, can also refer to a class of WiKi applications. The content of the web page can be modified by the user of the WiKi page, and the content of the web page can be modified by the user

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