Analysis on the success and failure of the two WeChat lottery

in May when I wrote an article about the WeChat lottery in the blog article, titled WeChat sweepstakes examples share, this activity was regarded as relatively successful, during the event fans are at a rate of 100-300 increase. In the past few days, the company’s brand has also done a big WeChat turntable sweepstakes, compared to the effect of some poor, only about 50 of the daily increase of fans. At present, the activities are in progress, we will also be based on the results of each day to adjust the activities of the strategy. There are gains and losses in these two activities, this paper will make a comparative analysis of the pros and cons of these two activities.


first, the basis of fans is very important. Just say the last activity fans grew rapidly, because the activities done before the brand is the company’s more than and 10 year old brand, WeChat fans rely on content had thousands of fans, so the sweepstakes once launched, it is a strong response. The activities of the increase in the speed of the fans, the most fundamental reason is that the event is a new brand of the brand, WeChat is less than the basis of less than one hundred. So WeChat’s marketing methods are many kinds, but the use of what method depends on the specific time and conditions. Such as sweepstakes (big wheel, Zakin eggs) held there must be people of good effect to the fans.

second, prizes set key. The two prize in the last event is the Apple phone, and many fans are more familiar with the company’s products, the activities of the prizes are basically what they want, so fans are very high participation. The event does not have an Apple phone, but because of the small number of fans, the company’s products are not many people, many people feel that they do not want something, so do not want to participate in the.

third, offline activities are guaranteed. Two sweepstakes activities are carried out with the line, but there is a certain gap between the size of the line activities and the number of participants. The last time was the international medical equipment fair, people from all over the country and even around the world, and will use WeChat’s young people. This is the next line of activities in Shanghai Qingpu District fair. The number of exhibitors is much less, but a lot of people over the weekend in the elderly, so people who participate in the lottery data will be affected.

fourth, the lottery process to be concise. This time we draw process set up to fill in the name and mobile phone number in order to draw online activities at the scene we found that young people on a more offensive, and older people are relatively easy to accept, so simplified lottery operation is also very important.

every five, the activities should be preheated in advance. We are a week ahead of the last activity in the official website and WeChat for preheating, so before beginning a lot of people asking this, because of the limited time, the day before the warm-up activities, so many people even want to participate in do not know. Fortunately, our activities will continue for a period of time, the current network platform has been done to do their own publicity, the participants are also more up.


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