LETV wine 12.2 anniversary Carnival staged at the start.

imported wine "black Friday" to December 2nd, the three anniversary of Daqing as the holding network network network network strong incoming! Joint global village, hot wine and selling imported beer brands, jointly build 2015 year to promote the import of wine "drunk" forte.

network network 12.2 anniversary celebration will be lasted from November 23rd to January 6th, big promotion lasted a month, will be at the end of 2015, Christmas, new year’s day across twelve last year wine carnival. For the wine wine enthusiasts, 12.2 network network three anniversary promotion will be a hoard of wine every night this year only, price should not be missed.


network network 12.2 anniversary hot start import wine staged the strongest Raiders

network network 3 anniversary preheating to advance on the "price" of

to celebrate the 3 birthday of network network network network, through a global direct mining model, the selection of the world, to mobilize the music as ecological resources, full price subsidies, and combined with hundreds of global brands, popular Chateau wine and selling imported beer brand cheap gift, sharing network network and the 3 anniversary celebration of fans.

at present, special network network 3 anniversary preheating has released cheap wine sale in advance, enough people eyes. Among them, the "Royal famous" 12 years Chivas whisky 700ml price 199 yuan, selling explosion Tennessee JACK DANIELS whisky 700ml only 148 yuan, Johnnie Walker black label for 12 years. Scotch Whisky 750ml to refresh the low price of 158 yuan.

network network anniversary also broke self mash wine new play, DIY list to meet the diversified consumer demand. In combination you choose any "activities, dry red and white, sparkling wine, wine and other wine arbitrary collocation pattern. 99 yuan reserve price of the election, the value of 198 yuan, only the election of the election, the classic selection of 396 yuan, the quality of the 597 yuan of the election of the 6, the combination of the best combination of the four units of the block of 3 times the price of $2.

During the

12.2 anniversary, network network will "100 Yuan Zhuang name" persist in the end. The reporter saw, Raphael Zhuang, Latour, Haut Brion, Margaux, Wudang Zhuang Zhuang, Bai Ma Zhuang, Chateau Ausone and Cui Bai Zhuang, Zhuang eight will shock landing network network; Penfolds Penfolds, yellow tail, Chile red devil explosive goods is still popular. Users can spend only one hundred dollars to enjoy the taste of alcohol from France, Bordeaux.

low frequent exposure, play tricks, I believe a lot of hand chop party have to before the end of the last time to chop hand".

the end of the last big promotion path exposure

wine store

it is understood that the network network 3 anniversary in November 23rd and in December 2nd the focus of preheating, detonated, low-cost celebration will continue until January 6th. This year, the whole network network network users will be invited to celebrate the 3 anniversary of the birthday, the more rich and more promotions will be the anniversary of the carnival climax. It is understood

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