To the nternet domain name

recently there are many websites for domain names such as into such as kuxun Interactive Encyclopedia into A good domain name, in the promotion can save a lot of effort. Business is often said to be the location, location, or location". Users can directly to your site and domain name has a great relationship.

points before, I first say a few of my standard, but there is one thing I need to declare, scoring principle is whether to promote, rather than brand value, Sina has a good brand value, but will not play too high score.

out of 10 points, the worst of the 1 points.

1, the best domain name is that the user can remember a time, the next can find. For example, Baidu, Taobao home school, etc.. This type of domain name can be 9 points.

2, in line with the domain name of the first article and content consistent with the domain name, such as Taobao, people can think of a place to think of Amoy baby, extended to C2C website. This domain name can be close to 10 points.

3, there is a category of Pinyin domain name, but there is no relevant meaning, such as (start Chinese network), such domain names can be given to 8 points.

4, if there is no COM domain name, select the domain name cn. For example, (Green Man Network) this domain name is lower than the first category, but not too low, 7-8 points up.

5, the English domain name must be the most simple, but also to the domain name to the domain name after the first category, 5-7. Because there are always some Chinese people can not spell such domain names, such as (a large group of people can not spell China)

6, CN a little worse than the domain name, but if the prefix is good, can also be used to improvise, such as before the domain name is the domain name 5-7


7 words, CN domain name is also a good choice, such as the Google six room are still good. I’ll give you 7 cents.

8, and some do not know how to the domain name, such as Sina, like the mop, although these sites do a lot, but the domain name I will not give too high score (note that here is not about promotion value, brand value, brand Sina has come out, possible values a lot of billion. But his promotion value is not high (


9, all digital domain names, such as 17173, in general, better than the English domain name. 5-7 score.

10, there are some imitation words, such as potatoes before the network called to>

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