Lining Confessions of a distributor of e-commerce store.

review: a Lining distributor in this paper reveal the rise of electricity supplier after the store really pain. From 1 stores to the peak of the time of the 7 shops, and then from the peak of the 08 year to the present trough. Online and offline contradictions, the rise of electricity providers how to cause the terminal pain. In this paper, and solve the question of worth studying. A read the distributor:

electricity supplier is how to affect my business

I am a distributor of Lining county city, at the end of the grade of the sales system. At the same time I am also a lemon, 05 years to meet the opportunity to join Lining, I did not hesitate to give up their studies to engage in this cause. Since joining Lining, from 1 stores to the most prosperous of the top of the shop, from less than a million annual sales to the brilliant when tens of millions of sales, from the peak of 08 years to the present trough of the year of the year, since the beginning of the year to join the ranks of the world’s top 7 stores. Although only 7 years to join Lining, but experienced the company’s glory and the current recession. But I believe that Mr. Lining and the new team will soon bring Lining out of the hole, looking forward to Lining’s Phoenix nirvana.

on the Internet in recent years, there are a lot of evaluation of Lining, some dealers from the Lining, and some from Li Ning Co’s resignation, some from the industry, etc.. These evaluations also reflect Lining’s problems and some of the wrong directions. I will not repeat them, because the Li Ning Co is the reform of these problems, as a distributor we did receive the message of reform and practical action. But there is one thing I am most worried about is the subject of this article, it seems very few people put forward, but in the distributors, which has been very serious concern. Here, I would like to elaborate on their own point of view, I have limited qualifications, some places may not be so clear, I hope you see this article and the people concerned about Lining can give objective evaluation and guidance.

talked about electricity providers, can not mention Taobao. Taobao since its establishment in 2003, sales reached 10000 in sales grow with each passing day billion yuan, registered members has billions of dollars. I have been registered since 05 years, has been in Taobao and Tmall on the consumption of over RMB 250 thousand, as 80 of me, has been deeply into my life. When I first started to contact online shopping, I was first selected from the store and then go home to buy online. Up to now, with the judgment of their own online shopping experience, has been able to choose a lot of Taobao market sellers and Tmall businesses to their satisfaction with the goods, but also do not want to go to the store comparison. My online shopping experience is also the majority of online shopping experience. For online shopping, I love and hate, love is to provide the convenience of my life as well as low quality products, these are not the entity shop. It’s a business model that does affect my business. In 2006, a few people have tried in the shop after the shoot number and style away, some customers will directly to buy online. 10 years ago, this phenomenon is becoming more and more serious, with the development of science and technology as well as the

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