Teach you how to write micro-blog soft

if you want to do a good job in network marketing, then this is the core of the soft, and now almost any industry can be applied to get. That you know how to write micro-blog soft? 140 words, with a short text you want to say words, this is the micro-blog soft writing staff put forward higher requirements.

I think there are several main ability is essential, such as language expression, language, the hot issues of the control, the topic of planning, psychological insight ability and so on, these are directly or indirectly related to the content.

your micro-blog also has a certain influence, then there may be someone to look for you to send advertising, hard advertising is too naked, but also will attract fans of disgust. That will affect the individual’s personality, I decided to write a soft Wen, also mentioned earlier written soft micro-blog need a few points, following straight to the theme: share 4 characteristics of micro-blog soft, want to give everyone a little help!

is the style of writing to grasp the words people say


is the first social media right, this kind of media is communication between people point to point, eventually forming a six degree of network information transmission network, in the interpersonal relationship of the reading, we still expect to see a person’s point of view, must be able to reflect the characteristics of a person out, people say words.

for example: the movie "Han Han" in the micro-blog never ever meet again, the poster copy: I’ve heard a lot of sense, but still too bad in this life". This group of words and simple, but the meaning of the expression is very clear, and very easy to resonate with everyone, the more I feel that makes sense, there is no? The micro-blog forward high number of comments are also many, can see the chart below:

short copy can make readers less sense of visual fatigue, and even without what the brain is to the user, lazy, so we write in the soft, also need to pay attention to this point, as far as possible the concise expression of nuclear, humorous and interesting.

two is micro-blog with the hot soft Wen to leveraging the power of

How should the planning of micro-blog

soft, how to leveraging the power of the family who play the best? I think playing a plan, an occasion to play the best is Durex, and sometimes try to plan as a marketing occasion, Durex has a lot of classic advertising, of course, the most classic is that: "always thin the accident, Everbright is not enough, this is a phrase with a double meaning, classic


in such an era of new media marketing, it is best not to spend energy to do what great plan, don’t expect a big plan will soon win the reputation, establish a brand, can pay attention to hot issues, the rapid reaction micro planning, quick release, if found to have spread momentum, immediately into resource detonate it. For example, many people will see the success of planning case jiaduobao did not see, jiaduobao is multi-faceted bet, full range of layout >

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