Micro-blog Taobao’s most powerful marketing support

With the rise of micro-blog

in China, the major domestic portals are also eyeing the rapid promotion of communication platform, and gradually developed into the micro-blog marketing, this mode is in the primary stage, its broad platform is very strong so we must seize this opportunity for our Taobao customers, create our own the author for wealth, Taobao customers how to use micro-blog promotion summed up the following:

one: the establishment of the promotion account

currently, micro-blog is the most extensive network communication platform, the B2C, C2C, as well as some portals all joined the ranks of micro-blog marketing, micro-blog account is the basis for promotion, so Taobao customers enter the micro-blog at the beginning, we should first establish a reasonable promotion account, now Sina and micro-blog share Tencent great ratio in numbers, so we have to be their first registered account for future promotion to win the advantage.

two: multi exchange and comment on other people’s micro-blog

set up the promotion account, you should begin to make good use of this platform, micro-blog is the most popular gathering place, only released a lot of comments on others’ radio broadcast, so as to get more people’s attention, while increasing the number of their fans, this time in your promotion in order to achieve the desired effect that will get more profits.

three: multiple micro-blog to separate broadcast

When micro-blog released

broadcast must choose the time to release, so that they can have more people to see, to attract people’s attention, micro-blog exchange and individual development platform, so the promotion of the time do not pay attention to the advertising of Tai Mingxian, that will make people lose interest in reading at the same time, too much advertising that would be objectionable, will eventually be canceled concern to you, then you will lose a fortune, so the radio advertisement should be hidden indulgence in which this is a kind of wisdom. At the same time, a number of micro-blog, not all are sent out, to separate the hair. Use more time to continue to communicate with fans, comment on each other, so you will be sure to get the promotion effect.

four: take advantage of every function of micro-blog

In addition to the

broadcasting, in order to better promote, you can also send some message, then you can send some promotional links directly, can also set up or micro group, let more people pay attention to your dynamic, in addition to the promotion, you can exchange these fans and friends, to the promotion effect at the same time, you will also get wide connections.

this is the author of some of the experience in the actual micro-blog marketing summary, I hope to bring some help. At the same time, I wish you all in the micro-blog marketing on the road to get more wealth. This article from how to lose weight www.jfzhan.com/ original, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, thank you for cooperation!

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