Shop sales is not the promotion of the problem

has been thinking about how to make the shop trading volume increased, with this problem, a few days ago and friends went to the clothing wholesale market, to participate in the meetings of the company, made a special trip to choose a suitable and easy suit. But I can not think of the problem of e-commerce in the entity’s sales have been enlightened.

hovered in the crowd I, in the face of numerous clothing store, price and defects not neat, brightly coloured styles, the service of the new recruit, really gives me a headache. Each to a place, there is always dressed up a branch of the young lady came out to meet.

walked into the first store feeling like a five star hotel. I was quite impressed by the enthusiasm of the store. But I tried a few suits are not fit, and this time, I constantly heard the clerk’s praise: this dress you installed very beautiful, very suitable for you, you wear very handsome. There is a not for service, money together feeling. For their praise, listen and ignore. Try a few consecutive also repeat the first clerk of the action, language. I always feel that once I bought this dress, they will not do after sale Q & A.

Wulitou carefreely, came to an end. Under the guidance of the waiter walked in. After listening to my request, she tailored for me, picked out a few suits let me try. And I explained the code number and difference: because I work all day in front of the computer, the body a little fat, the general version of the A clothing are inappropriate. Suitable for wearing B version of the clothes. The so-called B version is generally not in accordance with the design of ordinary people. The layout of the clothing store in general less stock, because such clothing sales. The thoughtful clothes made me happy to buy. I think she is very good service, if she is also to deduct a percentage, I am willing to pay, after all, she has a service.

a lot of e-commerce have such a problem, the site has the flow, but no sales. Summary of the problem in the absence of precise promotion, did not attract target customers. But no matter how to improve the promotion, the site has no significant increase in sales. They have never considered, when a customer comes to your shop with passion, they found this shop:

no detailed description of the goods.

no detailed service description.

no detailed business description.

does not have a detailed description of the sale.

does not have detailed security instructions.

does not have a detailed description of the surrounding.

whether you shop up whether you shop a hundred flowers contend in beauty, "the crown of noble character and high prestige". (like the first few clothing stores) you still need to ask yourself: is your service home? Every successful sales person knows that they are not selling products, but their own. Customers will buy your products only when you trust them. Sometimes do not care about the low price of commodities. Only hope to obtain superior shopping environment and comfortable shopping service. Look at the following

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