Website operation of the theory of water reuse

first came with me to read a story about the monk and his bath water

there was a mountain, the mountain there is a temple, a monk in the temple, the monks have a characteristic, is very economical. That day, he called the bath water, pour in the big bowl to a "bath", after washing, he took part in the water to fall off the mop mop pool, another part of the fall in the washing bowl add clothes after washing powder foam, foam clothes, left with bathtub water clothes loose head of water, then pour water into the pool to save mop.

wash your clothes, he walked to the gate, the cool clothes in front of the bamboo pole, came back to find feet stained with mud, and then use the water to wash the mop pool under the sole, and then a WC, mop pool water way to flush the toilet, flush the toilet, the monk also found a lot of the rest, how to do? Monk brows Zou, pick up the mop pool, a piece of leek towards the door, put the rest of the water poured a scooping of the past. The leek is over, the monk is proud to hum the Scriptures back to the house to sleep.

This monk

every night a bath, solve a lot of other water demand, "bath" repeatedly used to follow Chen Guangfeng, together with the analysis of "bath" multilevel utilization:

as the operation of the site, we can think about the flow of our web site, flow like a bath, can be used repeatedly. If each person to stand, look to go, a long time, a considerable amount of waste. We look at a few common types of Web site "traffic re-use" details. To increase the "PV" for the purpose of the use of traffic: "related content" recommended or "previous", "next"


to increase sales for the purpose of the flow of re-use: the purchase of this product users also buy XXX goods


to improve visibility for the purpose of the traffic re-use: download the "description page"


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