WeChat how to do the user experience

WeChat, for us, we are the main profit. Before we talk about profit, what we need to do is the most important thing is our content. Why do we have the same fans may have some fans who are less than us, but they opened the flow of money to earn more than we do?

in my opinion, the main reason is that our content, for the dissemination of content, I think the most important addition to the quality of our content, that is, whether we add the watermark content. So I will be based on these two points of our content and watermark for our earnings have any effect.

we know that there are a lot of WeChat’s profit model, but I personally think that the best way to profit, we or our main flow, why is that? Although now our main flow can not earn much money, unlike last year, a large per day may only rely on the main flow can earn. Thousand yuan, but now for us is not so good to do, the main reason is that we click charges down a lot. Now you are applying to the main flow, the average person every day there are still a few income, for those of us grassroots operators, every day you update a message can get dozens of pieces of income, if it is to get from the media operations, so the money for living expenses or we can.

now we are a lot of people chose to quit the job, they do, but for us, we quit the job after we are most worried about is our income, our income comes from where. If you have tens of thousands of fans, but did not open the open flow of the word of the Lord, then your main profit may send advertising is to help others, although we send advertising words can earn a lot of money, but we still have a little guilty, you might send an advertisement to put your number to the closure.

but we open the flow of the Lord, we are equivalent to a stable income, the income is mainly based on our click on the. The more you click on ads, the more you earn. Said so much, we concluded that all of our earnings are closely related to our content. Our quality is good, so it’s better for our income and for our fans. As we know, we push the daily content up to eight, when most of us operators also push the eight message, then I could push ious message reading reading quantity is not to push the two or three message high. If we encounter such a situation, so that we have the contents of problem, directly determines the amount of reading our content, if the fans decide your content is not good, so not only can not achieve the expected amount of reading, and your attention to cancel the amount is also more serious than.

so for everyone, what should be the quality of their own?

first: content quality


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