Analysis on how to carry out the event marketing with the example of Beijing strong rainstorm

recently, Beijing experienced heavy rainfall, the largest in 60 years, heavy rains caused the death of 37 people, let us be victims of the rainstorm in Beijing caused the loss of sincerity in silence for 60 seconds. It is gratifying in this disaster, there have been many touching stories, people watch, in the face of this disaster. The author pays tribute to every one of the heroes who come forward to salute every person who guards the city!


today, I found on the Beijing heavy rain, the disaster has jumped to the top of Baidu search list. With the further development of the incident, I think it is deeply affecting the hearts of every Chinese people. The author when browsing the news today, found that many mainstream sites have set up the relevant event topics, thematic content contains the latest pictures, the latest news, the latest user interaction, these are of concern. Some sites have even changed the background to black and white tones to commemorate the people who died in the disaster. I think we are concerned about the incident and silence and if can be clever with the appropriate event marketing, it is a good promotion methods. So we can start from what aspects of the right to promote it?

A: soft Wen promotion

a high quality of soft Wen can bring us a lot of high quality of the site of the chain, but also can get more target audience. This soft promotion in the site promotion plays an important role. If we can use the existing hot spot, write the article to meet the appetite of visitors. In the Beijing heavy rainstorm event as an example, we can use the disaster occurred in the clever heroic events, people watch, and add their own point of view, the memory of the dead, feeling no disaster Valentine’s love and the meaning of life. These can join our article, can be said for the silence of the event, also can be very good to promote their own site.

two: the production of thematic pages

for this unfortunate time, many sites have shown the media should have some responsibility. Many sites have opened the relevant events of the page, so that the people concerned about the disaster can be the first time the net access to the latest information. At the same time, the addition of a number of interactive columns, so that the network can be sent to the disaster area blessing. At the same time we can see that some sites and even the site’s theme color set to black and white, in order to read the people lost their lives in the disaster. These are some of the better promotion of the site by means of the event.

three: micro-blog promotion

we can see a lot of first-hand news now is the first from micro-blog, which is also due to the unique nature of micro-blog. According to Sina micro-blog statistics, the amount of discussion on the amount of more than 8 million 800 thousand heavy rain in Beijing, countless friends to participate in the love of mutual aid, diffusion help information, passing love scene. In the face of a 60 year old rainstorm, micro-blog

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