Daily topics Alibaba network banks can subvert the traditional bank

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 30th news, Alibaba has long been in preparation for the Zhejiang commercial bank finally on the line. From the preparation to the line to attract a lot of people’s attention, what exactly will subvert the traditional banks Ali? It also makes a lot of people look forward to endless!

e-businessmen bank is one of the first private bank Chinese pilot, at the end of September 2014 allowed to build, by ants gold clothing, Fosun, universal, Ningbo Kim, Hangzhou Wo and gold ham and other six shareholders initiated the establishment of the registered capital of 4 billion yuan. In May 27, 2015, the network bank for opening approval.

at present, the commercial bank has a team of more than and 300 people, technical staff accounted for 2/3, at the same time, also for business services, in the commercial bank management team, President Yu Shengfa had been governor of the Bank of Hangzhou, vice president Zhao Weixing has experience in Minsheng Bank, Huaxia Bank for many years, the chief information officer Tang Jiacai is the director of the original the bank’s head office software development center. At present, the network bank executives have been in place, the business is expected in July landing.

The target location of

network operators banks and traditional banks also have distinct differences, the registered capital of 4 billion yuan, the ant financial services group and other six shareholders initiated the establishment of the commercial bank, using the Internet as a platform for Small and micro businesses and consumers to carry out financial services, is small deposit small loan, mainly to provide 200 thousand yuan following the deposit products and 5 million yuan loan products.

"Small and micro businesses, consumers and users in rural areas, is the three largest commercial bank’s target customer groups." Yu Shengfa said, as a supplement to the existing financial institutions, commercial bank should explore a new mode of operation, good service to the three types of customers, to understand their real needs.

for the new members, it seems difficult to take off the existing ecosystem ali. The network bank is the same, from the account system, development strategy, the most important risk control, and Alibaba and payment service is of great relevance to the ant. Because of its proximity to the ant payment service, payment service has been carried out previously, ants ants of small business loans, the accumulated a good data base for the commercial bank, "the big data model used in the Internet, a few seconds to put the loan, now only a company like us for six or seven years, this is our core competitiveness." Commercial bank product manager Feng Liang summary.

based platform operation, technology and data from the network bank. The network bank is one of the first to Chinese core banking system running in the cloud. Financial cloud based architecture, the network bank in reducing IT costs at the same time, elastic expansion can achieve computing ability, ready to respond to the sudden growth of Internet business.

Yu Shengfa said, in the cloud computing technology and big data driven by "business ideas, asset light, transaction type, platform", the network bank hopes to eventually form a "small banks, large ecological" situation, with the industry "

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