The spread of the network false listings mystery the lack of supervision and our website

online rental information above 90% are false, if one by one, I dare say that the 99% are false." 6 years of a real estate broker He Jian (a pseudonym) regrets.

has worked in four of the top ten real estate brokerage firm in Beijing, He Jian said that the false listings are real estate brokerage companies and real estate information website open secret. In his view, in contrast, the authenticity of second-hand housing information than renting a lot of information".

but the relevant survey shows that the major well-known real estate information website of second-hand housing authenticity is also generally hovering in the 60% pass line.


chain of home real estate chairman Zuo Hui of false listings flooding provides powerful evidence that Beijing currently has about 5 million units of housing stock, according to the international 1%-1.5% in the sale of calculate the proportion of the monthly number should be reasonable in the sale of houses in 50 thousand -7.5 million units. But the brokerage company released for sale listings in number, even if deducted repeat listings, and more than 400 thousand sets, where water is self-evident.

false information so that buyers worry. A survey of real estate information website users feedback, more than 70% of people said they had suffered false listings, and the real and reliable listings is closer to 90% of the proportion of users to find the most important factor in the network room. Real estate search website 99 room CEO Zhang Yiming told reporters that the property buyers are usually optimistic about the house on the Internet, to find a wide range of the scene, the house can not buy, but also a waste of time, telephone charges, transportation costs.

real estate brokerage company released through the network false listings, a dog in the manger. Allow consumers to labor at the same time, also no good for themselves, the equivalent of doing a lot of useless." Zuo Hui said.

but what health complaints, as a broker, publication of false listings is double-edged sword, but released true listings but say: "not easy to find the accurate listings, posted online, first attracted not customers but as competitors. Houses a white quilt walk, busy." He said that even if the listings are traded with the company’s other brokers, he can get 10% of the agency fee as a source of admission incentives, and once the listings are not set up a company to go home, he will get nothing.

Zuo Hui is well versed in houses of the road: "chain home online website currently published listings, not written listings at which layer, only at high, middle and low level of release, is the fear of competitors from trouble."

false chaos

written mingchumingwei, but no pictures of the window; the house marked 18 layer, photo window has trees, Beijing district where there is such a high tree; and write listings on the 2 floor, the picture can see other residential roof……" He Jian cited a series of false listings of loopholes, is full of humor. He said he had made similar mistakes at the beginning of the entry.

"the level of false false listings of brokers is very different, water >

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