The list of 53Q online self-service speech contest winners announced

      "53IQ online self-service" speech contest winners announced

      last month’s speech contest has ended, today is to publish the results of the day, please look at the list of winners of the contestants.

      award winning list published

    first prize two

  seal a: 53IQ       ID;   the author: seal a            

  prize: 500 yuan; experience reflections, suggestions, 53IQ refueling           nbsp ID:kuaile55&; bonus: 500 yuan;  

        two prize three

53IQ, to help enterprises forward!           ID    : snow still;   bonus: 200 yuan

53IQ, only think, not impossible           ID:       misty splendor;;   bonus: 200 yuan

        new self-service platform third-prize eight

53IQ: prize: 50 yuan for profit growth and the cost of capital is no longer proportional to   & nbsp;       ID:yhc266  &nb>;

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