Adobe launched the online version of Photoshop

Web version of Photoshop was named Photoshop Express, relative to the main Photoshop for professionals, Photoshop Express to a large extent to the primary. Therefore, easy to learn, easy to use.

Photoshop Express is based entirely on Web, the user can access Photoshop Express through any type of computer, any operating system, as well as any browser. As long as the user registration, then you can log on through any computer.

for the Web version of Photoshop, I personally do not recommend the use of Chinese users, for 2:

1, user registration page in the regional classification of only United States, that is, the United states. If we sign up, that’s the only option.

2, after registration, Adobe will automatically send a E-mail verification to verify the information, after landing, the general English for me this person looks very suck, but careful analysis found that it supports the image format is.Images, for most people, no actual combat experience.

Oh, a little experience this morning practice, if you can have a try, okay, if I have the wrong place, please add

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