Pig Ding Lei also began to emphasize the internal competition of the next station is not a wolf

Ding Lei did not like Robin Li call the wolf inside the letter, he quietly put this thing done.


today, 36 krypton exclusive, NetEase’s two dimensional picture of social community GACHA, software LOFTER, NetEase, NetEase cloud comic reading has been integrated into a unified Department content, these four products originally separate technology, products, operations team has also been incorporated into the same department.

let us a little more straightforward to say, NetEase CEO Ding Lei to make the NetEase of Hangzhou Institute of these products were more intense internal competition, does not have the commercial prospects of the products will be eliminated faster.

at the end of October, 36 krypton reported informed sources said the LOFTER product development team "may dismiss", NetEase official said in response to the dissolution of rumors, but in order to improve the operational efficiency, the team is on the adjustment of organizational structure. It can be confirmed that the adjustment is not only the LOFTER team, as well as the entire NetEase Hangzhou institute.


NetEase Research Institute was formally established in 2006 the Department, you probably haven’t heard of this department, but the NetEase of cloud music, koala sea purchase, NetEase selected APP installed on the mobile phone a lot of people are born in the first internal research institute. It is mainly responsible for the function of innovation in the business incubator NetEase, NetEase cloud music, NetEase education has been in the mode of operation of the internal research institute, until a year ago was upgraded to an independent division.

In addition to the integration of

incubator project, the NetEase of Hangzhou Research Institute of the existing data, algorithms, public technology teams and departments will be re divided into data center science and intelligence center two departments. Data science center with big data processing as the main business, the main idea of Intelligent Sensing Center for artificial intelligence research and development.

NetEase Hangzhou Institute of business model development is the starting point for the integration of business adjustment, there is no dissolution of the business." NetEase public relations related to the 36 krypton confirmation adjustment not only true, and has been close to ending. NetEase official on the adjustment of the qualitative is the transition from the functional division of commercial development in order to achieve more efficient collaboration of human resources and resources."

merge into one department, means that these products have to share the same technology and operations team. Only a product to contribute to the overall revenue of the Department, the resources will be tilted to its. Only get more resources blessing, it is possible for products like NetEase cloud music that obtains the independent development opportunities.

has made such a structural adjustment, but also because NetEase in the past year saw the return of commercial products brought about by innovation. NetEase 2016 third quarter net profit of $2 billion 740 million, an increase of 45.6%. If compared with the BAT to do so, the net profit of NetEase and Baidu close, the latter’s third quarter net profit of $3 billion 100 million. Among them,

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