90 minon discovering digital domain name 6 digits with 6588.com

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) January 12th – the day before, a 90 domain China renamed investors through the intermediary successful with 6 digit price, buy boutique digital domain name 6588.com.



: digital domain name

4 digital domain name 6588.com

registered in 2002, is a homonym for "music is my hair, my hair, auspicious, good product phase, plus with" 6 "with" digital domain 8 "in the circle has always been popular, a market.

it is reported that buyers like digital domain, especially the 4 digital products and 5 excellent digital domain name, although it is 90, but buyers do not hesitate in the domain name, in addition to the 6 digit acquisition of 6588.com, which last week also took the product phase is more outstanding "88" 4 digital domain 8868.com acquisition price is probably in about 6 figures.

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