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renamed China ( August 21st hearing, if the structures of local portal, administrative region is naturally the most appropriate letter names. But China’s provincial administrative region of the alphabet.Com suffix domain names are more in foreign countries. Provincial People’s government website to suffix letter domain name.

provincial administrative region of the alphabet.CN suffix domain names have been retained

After several changes in the, China’s provincial administrative divisions are now 34, including the province of the province, the city of the city, the 4 municipalities, the autonomous region, the 2 special administrative regions of the world, and the number of provinces and autonomous regions in the world, and the number of administrative divisions of the

. Upon inquiry, all.CN suffix provincial administrative domain names are reserved.

34.Com suffix in the provincial administrative region of the alphabet domain name, there are 32 registered years in 90s. The first is the Guangdong domain name, the domain name was registered in October 1989, followed by the Gansu domain name was registered in April 1991. The latest is "Jiangxi" domain name, registered in February 2000.

China’s local government portal is enabled by the CN domain name domain suffix domain name. However, 34 provincial-level administrative domain names, there are 9 to be retained, including the capital of Beijing, the domain name, the display of the 1 review, the domain name for the

but there are exceptions, such as Shanxi, the letter domain name is also the "Shaoxing" Pinyin initials, which is the name of the Shaoxing municipal government portal website. The same situation as well as the domain name (Huaian District of scientific and technological achievements into service network), domain name (Guangzhou government portal), domain name (Xuzhou government portal). Hunan letter domain name is not enabled, but according to whois information, the domain name registration unit for the Huainan Institute of science and technology information.

domain name again expensive, but your hometown emotion

to build local portals, the most simple is the nature of local place names Pinyin initials or spelling.Com suffixes. However, most of the provincial administrative region of the first letter.Com suffix domain names are in the hands of foreigners, many of which have been enabled.

at present, only the portal area of Zhejiang, Zhejiang metropolitan network enabled is the Zhejiang first letter domain name website.

, however, the Chinese have always attached importance to everything related to their hometown. For example, in June of this year, Changsha Ningxiang real estate network CEO Dai Yue threw a lot of money to buy Hunan Pinyin initials The domain name was registered in August 1995, Wu Hao returned to the earlier acquisition of domain name investors, Dai Yue said at the sight of the domain name for sale, immediately shot without demur, plans to invest in Hunan local website project. Access to the domain name is currently under planning.


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