Searching for happiness and learning on the nternet

give students a letter
                                                    – to find happiness and learn to live on the Internet at

dear, like the network of college students:

      thank you for reading my letter, and I hope you read the text after what is a good idea, please contact me.

      I am a letter to everyone in a 7 year working experience in a brother and a partner’s identity. As a once in the field of education for three years I have been to the education with deep feelings, will present a number of university students has been addicted to online entertainment and after graduation because no work experience to the phenomenon of employment, I talk about my views and give us some suggestions.

      now many college students indulge in online games and online chat, which pays a lot of money, mainly time and money. I have seen a strong network reported that four elite universities are addicted to network school ". As an Internet businessman, I am glad to see you are consuming the internet. But as a brother, I think it is a pity, so I’ll give you the first suggestion: the Internet is not just an entertainment field, it is an industry, we must be inside the profit. I was in college and the same as everyone, a few open QQ on the Internet, and more than 1 thousand friends chat, StarCraft, Empire, CS is accompanied by night, the highest continuous online time of 72 hours and 37 minutes. Up to now, I will be on the UC, playing Warcraft, but this is just as entertainment and leisure, take up a small part of the time, and most of the time is to make money on the internet. The reason is very simple, I must consider the problem of existence and entertainment consumer pay in the entertainment time, so give yourself a very simple conversion mode: I sell a domain name can change a world of Warcraft cards, sell a space will be enough for a week’s meal and sell a network promotion can a month rent, do a website can spend a month, do a large site planning can be a quarter of the cost, a profitable investment project can the cost for a year, a well-known investment projects will be enough ten the annual cost. To this end, we must find happiness on the Internet, but also to learn to survive. If some students really can not do without the network, then why not think about how to make money at the expense of entertainment? There are many ways to make money on the Internet today, if you are

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