The company will be dead once a year, there will be access to the disk

Foursquare, or would you like to call it "Quartet"".

if not days before a financial news, I may have to forget it. This just one exit, and feel some familiar, well, once the tiger sniffing an article which is similar to me, but that’s what happened in 2013. After a lapse of two years, the company has been relying on Financing news brush a little attention. # if you still want it

re/code 22, foreign media reported that the Quartet is nearing completion of a new round of financing, financing scale between $20 million and $-4000 million, the valuation of the company for $250 million, 2 years ago, this figure is $650 million, even though the number of language teaching "as I know, its valuation has shrunk by half to two years.

earlier this year it is not such a look linger. At least 2009, founder Dennis Crowley carrying it to the SXSW conference, but a lot of face. It is a location based social networking site, on the other hand, is the first two years of the LBS (Yue) application (PAO) applications like to mention a mouth of the model, the Quartet is a precedent. Here is a set of data, you see it in time:

March 2009, the opening of the Quartet, in its first anniversary, the user has exceeded 1 million passengers… Over the next three months, the number of users increased by more than 1 million… In the fall of 10, only 50 days, four users shot from 4 million to 5 million. January 2011, the user reached 6 million… Every day, 35000 new users join the international community".

, however, it also has a "check in" hot, "Silicon Valley people said" soon tired, was considered to be the independent sign the application of its competitors, Facebook Google, has gradually been absorbed into an additional function. The pure sign is obviously not a promising business model in 2011, people say "sign is dead, some people think that the Quartet in 2013 ended, and this goods is firm to… Now.

May 2014, the Quartet suddenly announced: the original business is divided into two parts, the signature system will be completely stripped off. Where the application of the same name foursquare focused vertical search, swarm is focused on attendance, recording where users have been. After the split of the Quartet, was considered to be a competitor of the valuation of 5 billion of the yelp, are doing to tell you where to find good to eat delicious fun. In August this year, Dennis Crowley said it now has 60 million registered users, monthly activity of 50 million. The data sounds nice, but also stop the valuation was cut.

informed sources said that the financing, there are two new investors involved. Previous investors include DFJ Growt>

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