The province’s first court case about 500000 profit selling network virus

a computer genius, the preparation of Trojan horse program, just 3 months in the country to find more than 100 buyers, illegal profit of $about 500000. Recently, the economy of South City District procuratorate prosecution, the province’s first "selling network virus" case in Ji’nan City Court hearing. With the in-depth investigation of the court, the defendant Li Li made the process of selling computer viruses gradually clear up.

computer genius selling computer virus

was born in 1973, Li Li, graduated from the Department of mathematics, Chongqing University, was recognized as a computer genius". During the University, Li Li had a strong interest in computers, and in the preparation of computer programs to show a high degree of talent.

After graduating from

University, Li Li applied to Ji’nan Xiaoya Group, engaged in marketing work. Work, Li Li has been obsessed with the preparation of computer programs. In 1998, Li Li resigned from the group of ducklings, quit to Peking University Founder Ji’nan branch work, a new working environment, so that he can write a computer program to fully demonstrate.

June 2007, he resigned from the founder of Peking University, alone at home to write the program. One day in August, Li Li met online a person, want to buy a product with a "pop oriented" click function procedures. In a week’s time, Li Li made the customer needs of the program, named "overlord plug-in", and sold a large sum of money.

Li Li thought to find a way to get rich, the high cost of computer virus program from a hair can not be collected. He specializes in the creation of the site, to the country to sell this overlord plug-in". This plug-in installed on the computer, as long as someone visits, the visitor’s computer will be poisoned. As long as the boot of the computer poisoning, it will pop up a good advertising page design.

Li Li through the sale of these overlord plug-in, and the latter to customer service, access to a large number of illegal income. In just 3 months time, Li Li through the network to sell the country around the "overlord" Trojans, profit of $about 500000 more than and 100.

part of the buyer has also been indicted

Li Li thinks he is relying on technology but others buy build up the family fortunes, he sold the computer virus, is engaged in illegal activities.

Zhang, who lives in the sea of Chongqing, only 20 years old, junior high school in grade two to drop out of school, by the end of 2007 on the Internet opened a health care supplies store. January 2008, Zhang Haihua 1500 yuan to buy the overlord of the plug-in, Li Li". When Zhang Hai was arrested in June 12, 2009, more than a year’s time, Zhang Hai to about 200000 computers planted King Trojan program, illegal income of more than 5 yuan.

at the beginning of 2009, who lives in Hainan wang Fly 3000 yuan to buy Li Li’s "plug-ins overlord", through improper means to be a Trojan horse program planting to others on the computer, which was planted Trojan horse computer >

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