The B2C field acquisition and then cited two giant storm or staged Diamond cuts diamond.

January 16th, Suning Appliance shares over the first United States; in February 1st, Suning officially launched online shopping mall. It is reported that B2C had to abandon the businesses rely heavily on the price means, experience in customer satisfaction, began to clear.

I understand that in order in the process by providing more detailed service, in the shopping process becomes more humane. The responsible person, adding real-time delivery time prediction, real-time inventory, predict the delivery time and installation time to self select applications, effectively dispel the concerns of consumers under a single process, in the online shopping army gradually formed a good reputation.

through personal experience, I feel that, from the order to the receiving process, the small details of the platform will be reflected in the best service. A selection of goods, inventory information products will be directly reflected in the interface, at a glance, to avoid the order after the discovery of inventory shortage, resulting in the delivery receipt delay; followed by "sent to XX, X is expected to arrive within a day and can let you know in advance of the arrival of the goods about time, a bit less worry; but most of humanity is the self choice of delivery time and setup time, choose the most convenient in their time of receipt, to avoid going out, no sign for the collection of the phenomenon caused by the loss of the goods…… "And the performance of these details is Suning information, logistics, the strong point." Relevant responsible person, in the B2C industry, the price is committed suicide, fight service will win the future.

addition, I was informed that the motivational aspect, Suning also through a variety of measures to maintain stability in the end of August this year, the company launched the incentive plan, to 248 senior management and core business management backbone launched the first phase of the equity incentive, granted incentive target of 84 million 690 thousand stock options, accounting for the total equity incentive plan 1.21%. Suning has its own staff building has achieved initial results, Suning 1200 project for the company to bring a steady stream of fresh blood.

Analysis of

market, stable team, first-class service, has become the field of retail this home appliance ship into the network quickly in the infinite space.

B2C future pattern unknown spark into several inevitable

it is understood that in logistics and distribution, while coo8 has developed rapidly in recent years, but the scale is still limited. Insiders said that after the first branch in Beijing in 2008 Kuba opened its first branch in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Fuzhou and other distribution centers have been established, concentrated in Southern China, Eastern china. It has more than 1 thousand and 200 stores, covering the 93 distribution centers, more than 2 thousand seats, more than 3 thousand customer service call center service network of, has already formed a three-dimensional entity service system. It is reported that in the current coverage of more than 90% of the country’s cities and regions, as long as Suning stores and Suning service outlets in the city can enjoy localization services. >

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