Entity store in the next 20 years should sell

for each shop or shop will have people, the first thing is to sell things finalized just decided to sell what! But what will face second major events, how to face the strong competition pressure from Internet shops. The next twenty years will not disappear, I do not know. All I know is that it’s up to the bosses to know what your store is going to sell in the next twenty years.

> > community < <

entity shop has the incomparable advantage of the virtual shop, that is, "community" advantage, customers gathered in a physical store inside, forming a small community. There is a link between the customer and the clerk, the customer and the customer, the customer and the commodity, which is not available in the new o2o format such as Taobao. Just like in the playground, parents take their children to the playground, children play together with the children and parents to chat together, to form a "small community"; and in the luxury shops, those high-income women visiting luxury stores is a kind of daily social behavior, luxury goods store is their community.


so your shop, you need to target customer groups, to become their "community"".

we can learn from the experience of Red Bull parachuting community. As a large part of Red Bull users are sports enthusiasts, especially extreme sports. So Red Bull created a red bull skydiving hobby community, attracting a large number of people who love skydiving and even stars, everyone here is not subject to any rigid advertising harassment.


they are here to play, make friends here, forming a large community, virtually recognized the Red Bull brand value. This time, when they see the Red Bull drinks in the supermarket, it will be returned without meaning to buy Red Bull into a kind of obsession".

The role of

community is to let your customers to your store to buy things into a kind of obsession".

> > interactive < <

entity shop, the reason is the entity shop, because it’s interactive. When buying and selling is not just buying and selling, but the derivative of the purchase of goods, to extend the commodity chain and enhance the customer’s purchase experience. The most important thing is the interaction between people, the commodity is dead, people are living.

as LUOJIASHAN cafe owner will be added to each session of Wuhan University Students of WeChat, and all the "coffee Wen Qing" interaction. Since the small barber forced his WeChat, he every day in the circle of friends to do their own creative hairstyle, and then occasionally asked me whether well or not and opinions (estimated to be sending to every one of his customers, and then we learned) customer preferences and needs to adjust his craft into. These seemingly insignificant little interaction, so that those entities shop

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