Wu Bin how to use Baidu know to promote their enterprises

enterprises to do network promotion, Baidu know little, now Baidu Post Bar propaganda is difficult, and Baidu know relatively speaking, a lot easier. And from Baidu to know the site’s high conversion rate of consumption. The methods are as follows:

first: apply for Baidu know account, do not disclose their company information. To answer the question of the identity of the third, it is easier to accept.

second: answer questions can be linked to the question can also be linked with the question, as far as possible when the question with a link and do not answer questions with links. Answer questions with links to pay attention to the first edit the article, submit the answer, then modify the answer, plus links. If you bring a link directly, the answer may not be displayed, then this account will lose the opportunity to answer. Also pay attention to the link as far as possible in the web page, not the home page.

third: the questions and answers must be different IP, edit the questions and answers, a. Don’t ask questions, answer, so Baidu is easy to find, and delete your question. Close your account.

fourth: the title, the title is Baidu know the most important part of the content, not to write or write a as title, but the title must want to good, which is popular, which write. Content may not matter, but the title is the most important part.

fifth: when the question, since it is to promote their own station, reward score set to the maximum, 200 points. In this way, the issue has just become a hot topic, the answer to the question is best set to the earth people know the answer. Don’t take the best answer so quickly. In one or two weeks. Is to attract others to answer questions. This is the prophase.

sixth: after the answer, it is necessary to go to the top every day, the more the top, then you will be more in front of the location of Baidu. You can also make friends to help specialists.

seventh: know the answer to question a reference, this is written on the company name or site name.

source: FK network promotion studio www.fkzuzhi.cn

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