A complete (Google left optimal ranking) flow chart

today SEO Shanghai (SWJ) went to YAHOOEMAIL to see the mail, see a spam column in a more interesting email.
  his theme is (to the left of the Google optimization ranking) everyone is SEO I want to collect his email EMAIL or pretty much, not to me here, just want to write SWJ today in what. So send this letter EMAIL to let everyone take a look at the GOOGLE ranking process this EMAIL they also specially in the article and the patient SWJ met but garbled a character to give me the corrected enclosed text:

Google left optimization ranking

** Network Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in Google optimization ranking (top left, Google optimization), can achieve the following effects:
1. in the Google search first left page display in the Sina "
2.; ask " search in the left first page display
3. at the Tencent " search " search in the left side of the first page display
4. NetEase web search on the left side of the first page display
5. in Baidu web search on the left shows SWJ small talk: why don’t they say here in front of it such as: Page * display! Oh, we slowly look at the ~!
6. Sogou web search in the left front display
7. in YAHOO web search in the left front display of
8. in the local portal search in the front left shows

Google English international promotion (exclusive), in the pure English Google ranked 8 in the home page, all over the world can see your site!

. The best price package!
here is their way of contact… Shanghai SEO (SWJ) is not listed.
reproduced in Shanghai: SEO

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