A selection of popular micro-blog, so produced!

is now WeChat’s development momentum is clearly beyond micro-blog, but micro-blog still has three core values can not be ignored, that is, the spread of value, service value and marketing value. Especially the communication, micro-blog is the most rapid voice to the public platform, and micro-blog is an open field of public opinion, media coverage should not be overlooked.

a lot of people have said to my fans, spread up, how to do? This is actually micro-blog’s social communication is not only strong, your friends can see your information, can be forwarded, can be popular, can be selected, can use the topic, can near the hot spots and so on.

the following wood to share just one case, one of only 60 fans of the micro-blog account, than most of the fans have less, but a micro-blog quickly read more than 100000+, forwarding nearly 500, more than 1 thousand comments, and nearly 5000 points praise, and even led to some the tear forced wars between fans. So, in the absence of pay no large push forward case, a small micro-blog is how to detonate a "bloody" spread,



What is the cause of

, a copy of my friend @ copywriter said, I asked that her micro-blog fans, how can let more people see her micro-blog? My advice is that she can try to write a hot star of micro-blog, Zheng Shuang recently very fire, originally prepared to write only Zheng Shuang but she also said, love Liu Yifei, then add it, anyway, Liu Yifei was a Celebrity Hot search list common people, as follows.


crazy pass is so simple? Certainly not just so, the wood will elaborate on it.

a, close to the topic star


operation, with the popular star itself basic data will rise, many fans saw micro-blog inside his idol, it would have to look at, even if you are the micro-blog fans less, these people will come forward, or comment or point of praise, is the image shaping their iron powder. Don’t ask why, that’s the truth. Look at the comments later on, most of the fans are two sides.

and we near the star that micro-blog was recently compared with two topics, is not only a hot search list on the forefront, but also exists in a variety of topics, Search Ranking is there in Baidu, and put two people together to this topic, invisible for the spread of this micro-blog foundation.

two, micro-blog itself quality

This is the micro-blog

itself with some real feel hot to write, in fact some of her true feelings, and not with what skills for micro-blog I didn’t do what she is writing itself interference background, this text is well written, and especially with non – >

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