Fishing Master teach grassroots webmaster fun network marketing from the Red Sea to the blue ocean

fishing Master where sacred? In China, love everyone, see flowers bloom of romantic game! Games can also teach the world all grassroots webmaster call? Why not, the game gave birth to great wisdom


fishing Master pawn: market segmentation marketing

don’t you see the game, a group of a group of fish fish, fish or fish you love? This is a question, who would love nothing to catch fish, of course is a big fish. Then please cast their nets to fish, strange, why not catch on? The wrong direction?

too far away?

don’t ask! Fishing Master grassroots webmaster, you are a network in the sea fish or fish? Indeed, not to answer this question, it seems do so reluctantly, but still can not change the grassroots network of ocean fish is the reality. Fish eat fish, is not too realistic! Fish can eat what? Of course is to find a small shrimp eat small shrimp! Blue ocean


fishing Master pawn: from the marketing of the "Red Sea" to "blue ocean" tour

grassroots webmaster of their own resources, funds are not large and the competition, if only to survive from the "Red Sea" to "blue ocean swim". What is the Red Sea, the Red Sea refers to the development of an industry has been very mature, the rules have been improved, the competition is very fierce, so the new entrants to survive very difficult. So what is the "blue ocean"? "Blue ocean" refers to an industry has just arisen, the rules are not perfect, very few competitors, new entrants can develop in a relatively relaxed environment.

grassroots webmaster in the fierce competition in the "Red Sea" in the living space is very small, on the contrary, the big website disdain "blue ocean" in the small shrimp, and this is the grassroots webmaster display the self good space. Although subtle, debris, but nutrition enough to support small sites thrive. As the focus on the Hubei local portal Chutian Webmaster Station, and focus on the picture the nipic, has obtained the very good development. Even focus on the promotion of the construction of Chengdu website promising network, but also in their own blue ocean in the healthy development of.

fishing Master pawn: facing the wall does not fold

marketing, tough

not long ago, the fishing was deeply touched by a small grass! Why? That day, fishing Daren inadvertently see the unit on the toilet wall grew a grass. A grass alone, surrounded by cold hard cement bricks, but just a grass grows out from the joints between the bricks. The fortitude deeply shocked fishing Master


Master thought that fishing grassroots webmaster, imagine the "blue ocean", difficult conditions, small shrimp small scattered, grassroots webmaster want to seize the small shrimp is not easy. Ten copies of the pay may only in exchange for a return, nine copies may be cast to the wind. If you do not have tenacity tenacity, blue ocean is no way to survive.

the road is tortuous, but the future is light >

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