Talk about using QQ to promote their website

some time ago, I wrote an article, how to use the QQ signature to sell their website. Recently, according to further research, so this method can be further deepened to operate, I think for some special users, it should be very effective approach.

now this method is mainly two aspects of the details of the operation.

first: QQ group.

into the QQ group’s purpose is very clear. Because QQ group is a collection of hobby groups. Therefore, in their website promotion, we must understand their own website, for what kind of group, do not engage in irrelevant things, so your promotion, it will backfire, did not reach the desired effect. Also, will cause QQ friends feelings, then your group of time is not far away.


into the group, before the people said to do well the main group. In fact, this thing, I think it is not strong operability. Reason why. You should be clear, the dog in the manger thing, who is not willing to. Unless you have a little special talent, I had to try a, into a group, I have a great poem, wrote a few poems, the results of an administrator I mixed, huh, huh, huh, huh. But this kind of thing, not all can be so lucky. So, I in the actual operation of the process, in order to be more likely to operate group, so do another level of interpretation. How to do it?

into the group, immediately changed the name. Try to cooperate with the Group wishes to do, what Nanzuonvyou ah. Name plus symbol. All listen to him, is certainly not wrong! What will you do then? Very simple, quiet and listen to their voice, your task is to see the list of members. Priority space to update the message. When you leave a message, be sure to add your signature. How to set the signature, please look at the following second points. In addition, MM priority, and so on, before the article I said

second, carefully designed signature

carefully two words. How to say it?. I am in a soft Wen promotion group, see someone send a soft Wen, the whole article about 300 words. The color of the font used in the seven or eight kind, is bold, and size. In fact, such soft Wen, may be able to attract the spider, but it is absolutely impossible to attract people. Therefore, the signature cut each other so. Will only increase people’s disgust. Not to mention people to click on the


but it’s not that you don’t need to use font color. It is best to choose only one color, with only one place marked special. For example, you want to popularize the address is, then you put the site marked bright amplification. Also, please note that http://s. must be added because it can produce a link (there is no time to add this link can also, this everyone try), in addition to write some beautiful words. For example, when you leave a message,

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