138th how do sell 10 WeChat thinking book



a few days ago, to see the official release of WeChat information that the team out of a book on WeChat, let you guess what the name of this book.

saw the name of their book as "WeChat thinking", which had to make me think of logical thinking.

I guess they WeChat team, must be more like logical thinking, so called it.

I have never bought a book on the market, any book on WeChat marketing, why would I do it?

is not my cow, and when I read the list of these books, I found most of the ideas are like this:

first step: first to say how strong WeChat development, the prospect of much broader.

second steps: the introduction of personal WeChat, WeChat public number registration, as well as the use of WeChat public management background.

third step: example of a pile of cattle X WeChat marketing case, analysis of the reasons.

book content is almost the three step, I look back at my own writing the log, the cattle and the books are almost the same.

to blow the case, a bunch of online, I can also play very water very water. So for me, it’s no use buying these books!

to deceive the layman is not a small business entrepreneurs, but I want to buy these books, I am sorry, I can not afford to pay.

but why would I spend nearly $900 on the 10 WeChat thinking? I just said I don’t have any money, and now I have to pay so much money?

my starting point, mainly recognized WeChat team, so willing to pay, the reason is simple.

of course, there are considerations because my VIP students they want to buy, said to be particularly difficult to buy, server cards and other issues.

I said I only bought one before I tried it again. I ordered 10 copies of the book.

I VIP trainees, and not many people want to, I will buy 10 copies. Because I am optimistic about the book, and now do not buy, it will not buy.

on the 10 book, VIP students even if one does not. I also have plans to give some friends to play WeChat, as a gift, better than anything else.

actually, it’s a big game. Now there are 5 VIP students to determine, the last to leave a few, I want to engage in a December event (specific activities, will tell you).

everyone is to directly give me money, they give money is 100 yuan less (the official WeChat sold a special edition of the book + postage is 100 yuan).


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