Stewardess network planning book

a, stewardess network project overview

for the rapid development of the current aviation industry, the demand for flight attendants naturally is very large, and there is currently a very perfect flight attendants on the relevant aspects of the introduction. Therefore, the construction of a very perfect flight attendants network is very necessary, for those who want to participate in the training of parents, parents, relatives, etc., can also find a good place to learn about the training flight attendants. More importantly, let those who want to know the flight attendants to provide a platform for understanding and communication.

population analysis


stewardess network is now the industry leader in the airline site belongs to the position of the leader. Domain name is good, this is very important. Similar sites I know in the United States has a military network, nurse network, has sold $40 million. The limitations of the stewardess network is also the first to define the limitations of the population, confined to the industry, but the connotation of the flight attendants or social definition of the box is very wide, or a wide range of potential users. Air hostesses are beautiful, tall, polite, polite, high income, high social status, but also full of mystery, challenge, legendary. It’s important to emphasize this. This should be the core value of the stewardess network. Is also the enduring value of the development of flight attendants network.

with the development of China’s aviation industry, employing about more passengers, more and more, and the internationalization of personnel flow is also very obvious. In addition, the stewardess industry itself is also a personal high grade, wide experience, high quality, high level of per capita consumption of the special class. Can make the article in the beauty, makeup, dress tall beauty to share. Overall, the flight attendants have consistent with the long tail theory of user groups, should be firm confidence.

market analysis


for the construction of the main sections of the are: flight attendants, flight attendants blog, stewardess forum, stewardess style, stewardess work, the world flight attendants, civil aviation news, stewardess video. From the point of view of construction, the builders do not have a more comprehensive analysis of the service object and service object. And the main page is a long, monotonous. No special services, development is not good.

The main columns for

network will restart the airline stewardess planning construction: recruitment, recruitment, interview airline stewardess airline stewardess share, airline stewardess stores, airline stewardess alliance, show, self maps, civil aviation. Stewardess is now the industry leader in the field of the site belongs to the leader. Domain name is good, this is very important. But the efforts of the webmaster can not be separated, after all, belong to the individual webmaster. The site is now in front of the avalanche, or before the blowout, but there are still some bottlenecks. Or in the opposite direction, now the site has a certain number of active users in the fast rising channel. It is now necessary to pay attention to the hardware is the first to ensure that the user may be able to ensure good access when blowout

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