Network promotion should not be impetuous and modest progress

do not put yourself as a saint, we are all ordinary people, only modest progress.

my writing is not very good. I have a few years ago, but also to the radio, newspapers and other media to cast off version, also earn a few yuan fees, then thought their writing level is good. But in the network, I saw so many fellow master, smoke and dust such as written literature such as a man of great talent talents, technical writing, Mou Changqing Lu Songsong, Jiang Likun handy and other teachers. And then I felt my weakness. This time, I did not flinch, but serious study, even if I did not reach the teachers that height, but I believe that my writing will be improved. For example, my ability to edit, under the guidance of teacher Jiang Likun, has been much better than before.

in the study of the network to promote knowledge, but also must be humble enough to. I do in the forum administrator, some friends call me chen. In fact, very ashamed, my level is very low. In response to questions from friends, but also feel very difficult, and even some wrong answer. But I did not because of their low level, do not reply. I think the process of recovery is a process of learning, especially reply mistakes, others give a different voice, even harsh words, so as to further their impression, more conducive to their learning.

remember a friend said, the network promotion of knowledge so much, after 3 months of study, I feel no new things to learn. I think this is a bad idea, because the network promotion big guidelines is the same, but the specific operation is not the same, which is why some sites do good, bad reason some websites do. There is to do things without imprisoned, maybe you don’t have to use you often say, as long as you are in a reasonable range of legal, do your own web site, then your promotion methods is the most effective.

when I was to be a long forum, know more friends, they invited me to do a part-time job, but I refused, because the feel of the levels have not reached the point of distraction, should also be in the forum to continue learning, to continue when the precipitation, a push to do more well, I think that time, will feel do value


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