Pathfinder mode all the chips to achieve corner overtaking book for Jingdong

for the book publishing industry, can not be achieved after the publication of the first collection? This is probably a lot of publishers in the dream, because it will greatly improve cash flow, and the market risk to a minimum. Recently, Jingdong book took the lead in the industry to test the water to raise the public, significant achievements, has subverted the traditional publishing model, take the lead.

is expected to exceed 2000% of all chips: like Jun Jun and Zhou Hongyi

recently, for a comic author like bashing Jun book "Hey," it was found in the Jingdong to raise public platform debut. Like bashing Jun hope by the end of July to raise ten thousand yuan, for editing, publishing and subsequent publicity. Unexpectedly, as of July 16th, the amount of fund-raising has more than 200 thousand, supporters reached 1656, more than expected to raise the amount of the public, the author was surprised by the amount of money raised by 2000%.

at the same time, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi chose the Jingdong to raise the public as part of its new book sales platform. Zhou Hongyi is very fancy Jingdong this platform, Jingdong also hopes that by week while Hung Yi shells "achievements of the congregation raised the amount of breakthrough success million.

Jingdong Book exclusive debut of Zhou Hongyi readme: my Internet methodology, from July 10th to July 16th, just 6 days time, the amount of money raised has reached more than $170 thousand.

secret books congregation to raise the network economy to achieve a win-win effect

all the chips, translated from foreign Crow dfunding, public financing. By the sponsor, with the cast, platform, with a low threshold, diversity, relying on public power, pay attention to the characteristics of creativity. In the congregation to raise the book, the promoters of the author or publisher, with investors who are Internet users, while the platform refers to the public to raise such third party platform.

Jingdong book explores "chip" model, pioneered in the industry, has brought important enlightenment to electricity providers and traditional book publishing. Jingdong to raise public library to subvert the traditional publishing model, is no longer soliciting contributions from topic to be issued to the publishing process, but to achieve the reverse purchase in advance before, with investment fundraising, fundraising success later in kind, service to our investors, to achieve three win-win.

for the author or publisher, the congregation raised pattern can make them advance payment, not only to ease the financial pressure, also can ensure sales, reduce inventory risk to the market is greatly reduced; the partners to raise public investors tend to give preferential and multi-level marketing ideas, can enjoy more abundant market privileges with the return of experience; and for the platform, you can charge a certain amount of commission. It can be said that the book all the chips to achieve the win-win situation of network economy — let the long tail effect, reverse purchase fully fermented, the subversion of the traditional book publishing industry mode of production, is expected to open a new direction for the development of the industry.

Jingdong book: bend overtaking more explosive

nearly one or two years, all the chips into the public eye, but dare >

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