618 Tencent Jingdong bullying Ali with a combination of what recruit

text / Wang Congji

so-called electricity supplier promotions, regardless of Jingdong 618 or Ali’s double 11, play today are not fresh, the user as early as the audience of this kind of propaganda tired feel not love.

but the electricity supplier giant is still stuck in the promotion every year, and the investment is even more huge, in addition to the county users to preach online shopping and supply chain, logistics, pressure tests, but also because there are two key purposes:

is a platform for their own propaganda, show the data to the media, the public, investors show their good condition and social contribution; two run counterparts, grab users attention grab, grab traffic, they should have a electricity supplier about shelf life.

look at this, it will be found that this year’s 618 Jingdong marketing is quite critical, which is not only Jingdong, Tencent electricity supplier after the combination of the first big promotion, but also an important appearance of WeChat and mobile QQ electricity supplier entrance.

more critical is that after the listing of the 618 folder in and Ali listed, the two sides compete for the U.S. capital markets favor, the show is a good data is the best defense Jingdong ali.

therefore, the Jingdong the Tencent is using various tricks, and Ali runs, including but not limited to:

1 Jingdong fast fit, 3C field offensive a little fierce.

as a B2C leader, Tmall every year to accept the challenges, but this year the situation is not the same, because the past second, third fit, especially the two are longer than the main 3C.

this pressure is clearly not the same, according to the third party data cited by Jingdong, said the same day, the country’s top ten electricity supplier site, half of the flow to the Jingdong, only nearly 20% to Tmall.

Of course, this

is only used to see the data, Ali counterattack action may be more telling: Taobao Tmall 3C product sales, App mobile phone constantly pop-up message a long time ago, prior to Taobao brewing Amoy code also choose the comprehensive promotion during the 618, Ali is trying to minimize the impact of the Jingdong.

this is also reflected in the side, Ali 618 pressure a little big this year.

2 to U.S. investors show data, defense Ali listed attract capital.

due to Ali listed suction gold scale is too large, coupled with the Jingdong with the electricity supplier concept, from a theoretical point of view, there must be a capital from Jingdong listed when Ali fled.

and according to the brightest news, Ali listed how to also after August, sandwiched in the middle of 618 naturally become the best means of Jingdong defense ali.

momentum through the data and run Ali, Jingdong to protect capital outflow.

and Ali’s home is 11 double promotion, after the legendary Ali listing date, from the point of view of time, the number of accounts for a lot of cheap 618.

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