Official cross-border electricity supplier platform righting sea amoy

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Lu Xun intern reporter Geng Jiajun) has been in a gray area of the sea Amoy online shopping model has finally been recognized by the market. In the FTA policy support, China’s first "official" cross-border electronic business platform officially launched on the day before, before the official launch of the Shanghai FTA pilot cross-border e-commerce platform, consumers of imported goods through cross-border links website to order, not only the distribution speed faster, price than traditional retail channels with low 2-3.

cross border is the Oriental electronic payment Co., Ltd. operates a sea Amoy import platform, is currently the only cross-border trade in Shanghai electronic trading pilot. Foreign businesses can publish information on the official website of cross-border, consumers can see the goods price, import tax and other detailed information on the page after the purchase orders. Prior to the formal acceptance of the General Administration of Customs on the line, the cross border has been carried out for two and a half months of trial operation. In the industry view, through the border line is expected to be the regular sea Amoy shopping into the country, let the mass as the sea Amoy businesses zapaijun identity was righting.

a few years ago, the sea Amoy has been due to lack of transparency of the process, product quality and after-sales service can not be criticized. China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the "2012 Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that last year Chinese overseas purchasing market transactions amounted to 48 billion 300 million yuan, compared with last year rose 82.2% this year, overseas purchasing transaction size is expected to reach 74 billion 400 million yuan, become the electricity supplier industry in "blue ocean". Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter learned that, in order to cross the border as the representative of the sea Amoy platform in terms of import tariffs are not small concessions. As in the traditional retail enterprises, enterprises in the form of general cargo cosmetics import tax rate is 150%, but 50% personal items of cross-border tax declaration, which allow to cross-border links as the representative of the sea Amoy commodity prices generally lower than the traditional retailers 20%-30%.

With the development of cross-border electricity supplier

, national policies and regulations are also followed the footsteps of the market to regulate and guide. In August 29th this year, the State Council forwarded the Ministry of Commerce and other departments "on the implementation of relevant policies to support cross-border e-commerce retail outlet opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), clearly put forward to support the development of cross-border electricity supplier, and tries to solve the export of e-commerce in the customs, inspection and quarantine, receipt and payment of tax and other aspects of the problem. The industry generally believe that the opinions will further promote the healthy and orderly development of cross-border electricity supplier. The free trade zone on the cross site support, further proof of cross-border electricity providers are gradually moving towards legalization, standardization of the road.

, however, after the Beijing Business Daily reporter login cross border found that the construction of the site is not perfect. The site is divided into free trade, direct sale and free zone, free trade zone within the commodity shopping site for third party sales. But the free trade zone in the third party online shopping platform does not support Alipay, TenPay, quick money and three party payment platform, online banking and only pay its own brand "Oriental payment support".

Analysys think tank analyst Mao Ajing also believes.

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