The 360 arrows shot good search, navigation and security browser and double eleven

double eleven shopping day is coming, all in the majority of businesses under the double eleven year war has ignited, the major electricity supplier you Changba me play, with seemingly crazy price measures and the temptation to seduce the user fill their shopping cart, consumers also use this routine once a year to buy buy buy big discount. However, the annual double eleven is also the majority of Internet users are most likely to encounter a variety of phishing sites and a variety of fraud cases peak, and there are a lot of electricity supplier price Maoni ", how to guarantee the safety of their property at the same time shopping fun of it, and buy the real high quality low price of goods



first arrow 360 good search: security protection, say goodbye to phishing sites

as a general ever-victorious must be aware of the importance of intelligence, a sense of the depth of online shopping lovers will grasp the first hand very alert observant and alert, the discount information, so a good and safe natural search engine is to chop hand family personal honey.

referred to online shopping, we have to say that the 360 search engine to search the net first pay service. As the country’s first commitment to compensate for the loss of all the search engines, in the fight against false websites, but also to make every effort to protect the interests of users, the security experience passed to each user. If the user in the use of 360 products online shopping fraud, enjoy the highest single 6000 yuan payment. In addition, a good search also launched a "good search fraudulent promotion of full compensation plan" for website operators through good search promotion service released malicious fraud information and phishing sites, consumer direct property losses caused by Xianxingpeifu bear responsibility.


360 online shopping first compensate for the highest single payment amount of $6000

Since the

360’s good search engine was invented, with its precise search technology rapidly in the fierce competition in the search market occupy a space for one person, has grown into the second largest search engine in China, occupy 35% of the market share, has accumulated more than 300 million users per day up to 700 million times the search request. A good search since its launch, has always stressed that "don’t be evil" concept, the comprehensive false medical advertising, rejects malicious bundle, and constantly upgrade in search of safety and accuracy, to the user continues to bring security and novel search experience. In the double eleven approaching, a good search to secure users from Trojan rogue websites, online banking security account security, with her escort nature avoids the users of online shopping the menace from the rear.

second arrow 360 security browser: save worry, the whole network parity goods than N

In addition to the need to find a good

to protect their own online banking wallet, we also need a parity killer. In the face of "price", "discount", "red envelopes" bombing, service 400 million users, 360 security browser in the double eleven period, for the majority of users of a pair of piercing eye, help the chop hand family fled.

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