The tip of goods sea pat double 12 special purchases for the Spring Festival take you space through

A day after the end of the 11 month

double red dismal whether make this year’s double 12 electricity supplier industry weakness? Face after several years of online shopping Carnival baptism, increasingly rational consumers, the real profits and more differentiated goods and services is the only proper course to take to impress users.

real benefits, exclusive, consumer impulse to ignite

after double 11 crazy shopping, the consumer’s impulse decreased significantly, many consumers face a double 12, the general performance of the attitude of wait and see. Some netizens commented "regardless of 11 or 12 double double, some goods are not much cheaper than usual, next time no matter what online shopping festival, are the first to see whether the price is really affordable, is not a virtual standard prices after a false price." Another argument is also very representative: "some major brand platform are perennial, with all kinds of activities every year, no more than 11 double difference, if let me instantly order, I prefer to find those really is a price, or platform exclusive customized products."

reporter browse pat Network dual 12 big promotion "exclusive venue tip of goods", market guide price of 828 thousand Audi Q7 fell to 599 thousand and 900 in sales promotion! The market price guide 539 thousand and 800 Ford Explorer 2.0T is sold in 399 thousand and 900 of the price, big discount efforts of people although the page need to be struck dumb, have intention to deliver a deposit of 50 thousand. But I believe that such a big "cheap", sincerely Car Buying friends will immediately "occupying", in order to get super low favorite models. In addition, in the "tip of the goods exclusive venue also include the intelligent equipment, 3C appliances, clothing shoes and bags, maternal beauty, Home Furnishing day 100 and other different categories of goods are pointed sets, exclusive release or after parity platform is lower than that of other commodities.

play "time and space" Christmas New Year’s day ahead of schedule

will wait for half a month, fly to Hongkong shopping spree? The major electricity supplier website has already solved the space problem, pat net double 12 big overseas special the Christmas season in advance to the front, the reporter found in the home from Italy, Britain, the United States, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea and other commodities around the world early the shelves, whether it is Armani, Versace, Tiffany, Gucci, Burberry and other luxury goods, or La Mer, Biotherm, Lancome and other top beauty, or mother from Japan, milk powder, diapers and other products, overseas purchasing "classic" can be found in the hall. Pat Network is clearly in the exploration of the purchasing power of goods and consumer level, learned to start in advance".

train ticket to panic buying, new year far? The market has already become the special purchases for the Spring Festival food industry is a hotly contested spot, ahead of the stockpile, staggered purchase peak is a lot of consumers think, with the upgrading of consumption, consumer tastes of delicacy are not rigidly adhere to the traditional domestic special purchases for the Spring Festival while the eyes spread to the world. In the special pat Network special purchases for the Spring Festival page, the reporter found that including SWISS THINS, Ferrero Rocher, Hershey, Belgian global > 10

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