Analysis of network marketing talents 10493 depth

national e-commerce professional colleges, college and secondary occupation colleges of more than 2000, while the electronic commerce has become a professional employment, and in fact the social demand for e-commerce professional talents is very strong.

Shen Haoyu, vice president of Baidu

business operations, said: the search for marketing talent demand gap of 1 million, which is just a conservative estimate. Professional personnel are difficult to find, it has become the most urgent problems encountered when the enterprises carry out search marketing." Search engine is just a tool for enterprises to carry out network marketing, and only understand the search engine marketing network marketing talent gap has reached 1 million!

at the same time, from the Alibaba report also showed that more than 70% of SMEs said the core factors of enterprise e-commerce and network marketing effect is the lack of actual practical talents, only the total amount of network marketing personnel demand Alibaba B2B e-commerce platform for the enterprise more than 2 million people.

is on the side of e-commerce professionals is difficult to find a job, while the real network marketing talent millions of nowhere, why is there such a dislocation phenomenon? The Ministry of industry and information technology talent exchange center "Network Marketing Institute" project implementation units only guest network marketing college young teachers to do an in-depth analysis on this the problem, and guest network marketing institute to take charge of network marketing personnel training work from 2008, in the electronic commerce network marketing personnel training and education, enterprise network marketing planning and applications have many years of experience. It is reported that the Institute has trained 30 network marketing engineers, students throughout the country’s size enterprises.

current e-commerce and network marketing personnel training status

1. The standard of enterprise employing is not reflected in the course of e-commerce education in schools:

e-commerce covers real talent network technology, network marketing, network management, Internet marketing, network marketing, network service, network promotion and other jobs by enterprises in the process for each job has its specific criteria, such as network promotion posts, you need this kind of talents of multiple marketing channels the Internet such as B2B e-commerce platform, search engine advertising, search engine optimization, e-mail, blog, community etc. familiar with and understand and apply, but also need to have some experience on site management, website optimization technology and strategy. The current e-commerce, network marketing professionals training knowledge covers a very wide range, and the depth and practicality of the needs of the enterprise is far from the needs of the people.

two, the rapid development of the Internet requires the knowledge structure and training methods of such personnel at any time update:

five years ago on the Internet or the pattern of success is the enterprise, today will not exist, and many of our e-commerce and network marketing talents in the knowledge system of case and knowledge obsolete, unable to meet the rapid development.

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