Site into the domain name dispute lawsuit Dalian computer forum paralysis (Dalian Computer Forum) is a lot of home computer users are familiar with the site, but the domain name who should belong to a lawsuit. Yesterday at 9 o’clock, Dalian City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the computer network domain name and the domain name from the domain name dispute. Who is the owner of the Dalian computer forum, is still in the process of further cognizance.

original website is paralyzed

Mr. Wang said his personal name registered domain name, the independent establishment of the Dalian computer forum website. According to the needs of business development, he agreed to use part of the site of mr.. But in August this year, Mr. Zhao will reveal the domain name management password to Zou Xiansheng, so Mr. Zou revised key information in addition to all of the domain name ", and the control of the management of the domain name, cause the website key information data lost, bring huge economic losses, resulting in the original site in the network search rankings decline, click rate fell to 0, the original site is currently in full paralysis.

case will further trial

Mr. Wang and Mr. Zou Zhao to court, asked the court verdict, the plaintiff recover ownership of the domain name, the two defendants compensation for economic loss of 20 thousand yuan, and asked the court to confirm their ownership of the domain name, the public apology etc.. Mr. Zou and the defendant filed a counterclaim. In the course of the trial yesterday, the judge confirmed the focus of controversy, and the division of the burden of proof, both show the corresponding evidence to prove his deal with domain name ownership.

because the plaintiff Mr. Wang does not agree with the settlement, the presiding judge not in court mediation. Who will belong to the Dalian computer forum, the court will further the case.

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