Business platform for businesses to a single brush, a cup of wine

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media recently reported a net friend to report the arrangement of Jingdong employees brush merchants, Jingdong mall sales increase events. The afternoon of April 3rd, the Jingdong announced the internal inspection results, the staff involved with the business of business communication, a serious violation of company rules, in accordance with the relevant provisions for immediate dismissal, the relevant person in charge due to the presence of staff management responsibilities, but also by internal punishment.

fifty step do not laugh at the one hundred step

saw the news, it is the man who regretted the veterans, forced pressure to perform a single brush, you say you want to allow businesses to brush alone obscure expression should appear in the chant, naked with business chats, so low EQ deserves to be fired. The veteran business platform with these years of experience dealing with the correct posture should be all kinds of coercion and suggested not to complete the sales tasks don’t expect to have good resources and traffic. The business is not a fool, do not understand people feel shy to say that they do business, so why put it down in black and white chat stripped each other?

The problem of

Jingdong brush preview idea is really anxious, Jingdong. So that a vice president of Jingdong in an interview that, to be alert to the possible presence of these events behind the push, and that the Jingdong’s soil and Ali is not the same. See the report, there was a fifty paces laughing feeling, scalping problems Ali platform has to cure or even woman and children all know, cold day. It is because the problem of fake Tmall at the beginning of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce worrying a Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong is pleased with oneself, on many public occasions by Jingdong now have been blasting a single brush, have to say is a big fan of Liu Qiangdong face.

is a platform for a single brush a cup of wine

in the treatment of fake and brush single issue, for the most basic trust maintenance platform in the minds of consumers, veterans absolutely believe that whether or Ma Liu Qiangdong, as a Jingdong vice president said, he is not in the eyes of sand, fake, scalping that zero tolerance, if there are problems, treatment "be expelled, but in fact they are doing. If you can’t hold the sand, why do you have so much sand?

first from the macro level of the whole society to analyze. Whether it is a fake problem or scalping problem, and the integrity of the whole social business system. Under the line is not less than the line, but because the line is more dispersed and not concentrated, unlike in the Internet is monopolized in a few large electronic business platform, so often overlooked. Scalping is the same problem, the party line is not popular queuing undershoot is a typical single brush? And who had them? The spotlight business tycoon, you are doomed to suffer this question.

from the electronic business platform itself to analyze. Businessmen can not afford to rise early, businesses willing to take such risks must be profitable. Existence is reasonable, the emergence of the brush itself illustrates the value of the platform. No one brush platform is sad, not because it can not brush, but

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