Dangdang said the supplier in the anniversary promotion is not mandatory


technology news at noon on October 24th news, according to media reports the following books for dangdang.com threat book suppliers with low price promotion anniversary issue, dangdang.com said in a statement, the promotion is not mandatory in the press, both in the premise of full communication agreement issued.

below is the full text of Dangdang statement

statement: Dangdang supplier in the anniversary of cheap promotional activities is not mandatory

October 24th, according to the news that the dangdang.com tough requirements book suppliers with "low price promotion 13 anniversary month", and has shelves of books as a threat, dangdang.com declare:

first, dangdang.com 13 anniversary has been from the beginning of October 22nd, will continue until the end of November, over the past 1 months, will involve dangdang.com books, baby clothes, beauty, day 100 and other whole category, is the largest consumer Dangdang annual rebate promotion, a lot of Rangli promotion followed by hit in 13 years the price dynamics.

then, for the 13 anniversary of the anniversary month promotional none other activities, dangdang.com is not mandatory in the press, both in the premise of full communication agreement issued. Dangdang.com hopes puerile way to press and consumers to achieve a win-win situation. Through the past experience shows that during the anniversary, many press’s book sales growth compared to the usual 5-10 times.

in addition, price activities Rangli cost shared by dangdang.com and press, rather than by the press alone. For example, Dangdang books has been launched "full 99 by 19, over 199 minus 49 yuan" promotional activities, including dangdang.com is bear most of the cost benefit.

was founded 13 years ago, between dangdang.com and publishing house has been a close relation, mutual benefit and common development. Every day is a low-cost dangdang.com business purpose, puerile is an important way of selling, dangdang.com won’t let suppliers do the business of losing money, never fooled by false propaganda consumers, we hope and press based on full communication and understanding of the real let consumers feel the benefits, long-term development and growth.


October 2012

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