The shop take Olympic ride 4 days jump out of twenty thousand related products

ready, start! Yesterday, the London Olympics officially start the train ride, along the way is not only the national players, and each shop, they are ready to take this car ride on the Olympic games. To know that 4 years ago, the Beijing Olympic Games but let them earn pots full bowl, you shop owner is not willing to give up the dream of a small train.

snack food hits the highest

home life starts

snack food is an essential commodity. From Taobao and other BtoC sites, the reporter saw some of the specialized play a look at the Olympic Games, food 9.9 yuan from the promotion, and some businesses also launched the package post, special and other marketing tools.

"these two days, I dried beef, peanuts and other iron Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers, flavor snack food sales rose at least 3 times." A shop owner told reporters, "Shenyang integrity" after midnight in Shenyang store has more than three kinds, one is the evening party, more suitable for young people, not for the public to see the Olympic Games; catering unit food stalls are open, but the environment as home comfortable and convenience stores, but the food; too few species, cannot provide a place to watch tv. As a result, many people choose to watch events at home, and the shop has become the best choice for their home life.

and this is also seen from the statistics of Tencent electricity supplier sector statistics. With the arrival of the Olympic Games, leisure food consumption increased by 132.5%, search attention increased by 60.6%. Beverage products, consumption rose more obvious such as carbonated drinks, the consumption of QQ online shopping last week’s upgrade to 57.45%, Red Bull etc. functional beverage sales also increased by 29.35%, is suitable for night home food".

4 days

jump out of 20 thousand pieces of Olympic "detached" commodity

July 24th, the reporter had to investigate the sale of the mascot of London, was in an online shopping platform to search the London mascot, a few words, only 146 goods. And 4 days after July 28th is also the opening day, the reporter once again query these key words, showing that there are more than and 230. Search for the "Olympic" two words, the number of goods for the 65156, more than twenty thousand or thirty thousand goods.

reporter to view these goods, books, magazines, newspapers, most commodities, up to 29 thousand pieces. Sports shoes in two, up to 6050 items. Clothing arranging number is 2993 third. Look at these goods carefully, not with the London Olympic Games and the Olympic logo or has a direct relationship, and most are facing some products. For example, the clothing category in the top selling list is a British M word flag pattern of women’s and men’s clothing, if not explained in advance, and the Olympic Games is not linked to a piece of. The Olympic Games should be related to the largest sportswear, sales of the former is also a regular commodity.

"in fact, these are our regular daily sales of clothing, are Lun"

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