Suning singled Jingdong Suning strategic conjecture


after two years of groping forward, seems to have found the feeling of fun electricity providers. this year’s sales target of 30 billion, and the first step of substantive action is to set off the worst electricity price war in April,’s ambition is to "sit three for two view". Another winter capital of commercial enterprises have reduced promotional efforts in the past few months, and in the winter has not pick up signs of the business case, will prove safety Henzhao Jingdong, Jingdong now have some awful. to grab a comprehensive electricity supplier price war hit the Jingdong launched the ultimate weakness of’s ambition is "sit three for two, the concept of a", is currently ranked third in the electricity market, this year’s goal is to win the two position, the first hot pursuit of the pace. The two day of the experts has put out all the analysis of Suning advantage, the author here also have no what fresh ideas to add, after reading many expert reviews and Su Ning external position, found that still has a chance to catch up with the pace of the Jingdong.

is now’s biggest enemy is the Jingdong, when the League though is the enemy, but not enemy targets. The challenge under the original capital of Jingdong, Jingdong is very uncomfortable, if the Jingdong with a price war may cause the loss of users, because users of electricity supplier website loyalty is not high, the price is a sensitive factor of online shopping. with the advantage of its procurement scale, cost intensive, funds of three trump launched a price war to do flow, scale, brand building. Jingdong after last year’s business battle, construction spending and logistics, while platform category expansion also need financial support, and in the winter capital on the occasion of refinancing is a problem and the market are not mature. Jingdong now if price war may lead to capital chain to eat at other tired business, if not the price war may lead to the loss of users, and not to fight in the Jingdong now play a dilemma, he is now the Jingdong listed the bureau concerns may be destroyed by

Recently, also launched a

Hotel, ticket booking and other virtual products, liquor channel will also be on the line, the channel will be upgraded to, electricity supplier in the market a full range. Market Management Center Deputy Director Min Juanqing revealed that the whole network at Suning chairman Zhang Jindong to enter the electricity market by micro-blog, micro-blog said: "the content of the evening of April 7th from 19:00-24:00 Zhang Jindong, chairman of for all the high-level meetings, issued a clear up the whole network attack instructions, this mobilization is different from the past, not for a marketing the discussion is to establish annual tonality. A total of 20 billion year guarantee clear instructions, the task is not a problem, ask the team must sprint 30 billion, release all sprint "menace from the rear,! Sales last year was 5 billion 900 million, this year’s sales target is 30 billion, the middle 24 billion 100 million of sales may not be the market for

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